Interior Photography of Sunway Cassia

Interior photo shooting for Sunway Cassia 2-Storey Semi D. It located in Batu Maung, is a residential development that is inspired by nature. Features 6 thematic parks that elevate the recreational options and leisurely pursuits of its residents. The 2-Storey Semi D is the third phase project in Sunway Cassia. 

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Interior Photography of OCBC

OCBC Bank, one of the largest global banking and financial service providers, The branch of Penang is located in the heart of UNESCO heritage zone. Their in house designer is coming out with the unique interior design which match the colonial building of OCBC premium banking, My assignment is shoot the  interior photography of OCBC Bank, The 8,000 square-foot Centre will be used to bring lifestyle events to the Bank’s customers alongside several facilities and services that were previously unavailable. These include a comfortable private customer discussion area, ample parking with valet services, live telecast video conferencing facilities and more dedicated safe deposit boxes. The Centre is also the largest in the OCBC Bank network nationwide

The OCBC Bank heritage in Malaysia can be traced back almost a century now, with the Penang branch having been in existence since 1917 as part of the then Ho Hong Bank. This bank would later merge with Overseas Chinese Bank and Chinese Commercial Bank to give birth to OCBC Bank in 1932.

For Interior photography, first, you must understand a bit of the design before you can actually compose the right shot. I'm grateful that the designer join be in this interior photography and explain a bit of the layout and what he really want to include in the shooting. It took me 5 visits to complete the shooting of this interior photography.


Penang Hill

Penang Hill is one of the must see attraction in Penang Island. it was the first hill resort of its kind in Malaysia, and since its opening in 1923, the funicular railway has provided a convenient way to reach the top. After the major renovation and the new funicular, it draws almost 2000 visitors per day. What I love about this place is because it faces the most beautiful cityscape in Penang Island and more over it give you difference kind of scene at different time. Penang Hill is just 5 minutes away from where I live,  this is why I can make as many trip as I wanted. I can plan my trip in the very last minutes and my outing is all depends on the weather. You can see my Penang hill collection HERE.

In this Samsung imagelogger assignment, what i plan is to record the different moment but with the same scene on top of Penang Hill. From dawn to dusk, rain or shine. The shooting with this Samsung NX1 is straight forward, What i need is just a tripod and cable release. My favorite time to visit the hill is at 6:30am the very first train from the station. The weather up there is chilling and very quiet in the morning and I always enjoy being alone up there.


I hope you like some collection of my photos in Penang Hill, there is no lucky moment to get a good shot from Penang Hill. luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.  You just have to put in more effort by keep visiting in different kind of weather and time and the mother nature will surprise you.

All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung NX1, which has been provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mother nature is one of my favorite shooting subject as it always give you surprise. This series of shooting is tougher because I have to follow and be sensitive to the changing of weather, due to the hazy condition and time frame given, I don't really have much time to shoot what I shoot best. 

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Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theater during the lunar seventh month Chinese Ghost Festival. Chinese opera is always something fun to shoot for, especially the backstage make up before the show start. To be one of the participant in the Samsung imagelogger program, I'm delight to shoot my first Chinese opera with Samsung smart camera NX1. Chinese Opera 07

During the Chinese Opera show only available was used through out the shooting, because of the limited space, tripod also not advisable to use at the back stage, which mean have to use higher ISO and shallower DOF to get a better exposure under this low light condition.

What i love when I first hands on of this Samsung NX1 is the 3-inch tilting FVGA Super AMOLED touchscreen, touch screen focus really make my composition easier through out the shooting. It let me compose some hard to reach angle, giving me totally new perspective of the shooting.


All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung NX1, which has been provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.

Middleton Interior Design

Showroom shooting for Middleton, a Boon Siew Group project. Interior design by Galatic Design.

  • Two 26-storey residential highrises featuring contemporary architecture and designs
  • Extensive resort-style facilities
  • Serene locale surrounded by established and affluent residences of Minden Heights
  • Panoramic views of the green rolling hills and Penang cityscape
  • Swift access to Penang Bridge, Bayan Lepas FIZ, Georgetown and various amenities
  • Ultra low density with only 5 units per floor
  • Unit size 1,409 sq ft with versatile layout choices available
  • Freehold


Dolce Dessert Cafe

Dolce Dessert Cafe, located on the Kek Chuan Street。 Dolce desserts cafe is a friendly place offering a range of teas, coffees and fruity versions. Its range of cakes is good with many fruit tarts and cakes. There is a large upstairs and outside seating area in a beautiful building, Dolce Dessert cafe also has a unique cartoon rat wall painting on it. The design and colour of the dessert draw my attention to this dessert cafe,  so I decided to craft the image to make it looks delicious and irresistible to those who see it. It took me sometime to plan for the shot, although is not perfectly done but I'm happy with the current result. Hope I can have more chances to work with Dolce Dessert Cafe.

Please visit their Facebook for more info.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Watches are designed for professionals, and known for its classic time instrument square case inspired by the cockpit of planes, the Swiss luxury watch brand, Bell & Ross, has always been faithful to their philosophy of “function initiates form”. In 2015, Bell & Ross opened its first boutique in Gurney Plaza Penang. I'm glad to have the opportunities to work with FJ Benjamin on this shooting assignment.


Brave the Penang Storm

Most photographers like to photograph their landscape pictures on a beautiful day with clear sunny blue sky, without a doubt scenery as such makes us happy. I used to be doing that at the past, but things change slightly nowadays for me. I think artists are crafters of human thought and emotion, I want to try expressing the emotion and dramatic mood in my landscape photography. Since then, I started chasing storm clouds in Penang Island since the last two years. The mother nature never fails to surprise me with the spectacular phenomenon. Now, I would go out when I know there will be a storm, to try get some pictures. The downside of shooting at bad weather is that, if you are unprepared it's easy to get soaking wet or having your gears damaged by rain water. And not forgetting, the possible risk of being strike by lightning.

Often, I will carry a big umbrella with me when I plan to chase the storm. I always have my bag's built-in rain coat on to protect my gears from getting wet. A cleaning cloth is a must, to get ready for the needs to wipe off rainwater on my camera lens. Most importantly, I think there is not a single photo that is worth more than our own life, it's always good to think of our own safety when photographing on the field.

To get massive storm clouds in Penang Island can be quite rare due to our geographical location. Penang island is strategically sheltered between the peninsular of Malaysia and Sumatra of Indonesia. Fortunately, we still get monsoon season in Malaysia, so this will give us some variation of climates throughout the year.

From these photos, maybe you can relate that having the best photographic gears are not the things that make a good photographer. In my opinion, it is the commitment and effort to anticipate that perfect shot matters. I hope you enjoy what I am sharing, feel free to share them with your friends. Thank You




Batu Kawan Toll Plaza

There are two toll plazas for the Second Penang Bridge . The first is called the Integrated Toll Plaza while the second is called the Second Penang Bridge Toll Plaza. Both are located in the mainland Batu Kawan

The purpose of this shooting is the LED light and street light that the company supplied. There are some challenges for this project. 1st is the unpredictable weather and the traffic on the expressway. 2nd, you cannot find any details or map from the google map because it is newly build and Google is yet to update the database. 3rd, All the shot must be in blue hour, which mean my shooting window for each location is less than 15 mins a trip and a trip to there and back almost 60KM, is kind of time consuming. 

In order to have a safe shooting environment, I need to spend on some traffic equipment such as emergency road light, safety cone, safety vest, and also hire an assistance to help me take care of the traffic. I also need to survey the area and get familiar with the road and find the best angle before I start my shooting. This project took 2 weeks to finish.


Penang Panorama

I was assign to shoot a Penang Panorama from the clan jetty to the Swettenham Pier. At first we are planing to take on a sampan (small boat) into the middle of the ocean for this shot but somehow I notice the angle will be too low from a sampan. In the end I want to try again by shooting from the Ferry.

I have tried last year but fail to get it done because of the moving ferry. This time I try for more than 10 set of Panorama shots and luckily in the end was able to put one of them together. Another challenge is the weather, I tried a few times before I can get a clear blue sky.

This photo will be print out and put on a 10 feet wall in the Armenia Street Heritage Hotel.

Lightning Season in Penang Island

For almost a week, Penang was hit by massive lightning. The funny thing is the lightning show start almost everyday at the same time, which is in the evening. I'm always fancy about lightning, I start shooting lightning with my film SLR back in 1992. For DSLR I only manage to get some start from this week. To make a lightning interesting, foreground is rather important, but safety always put in the first priority. Some of my tips on lightning shooting..........

1.You need a tripod for the long exposure shot. Lightning often happen in a split of a second but what you need to do is actually shot in longer exposure to "wait" for it to happen.  In this case, tripod is a must.

2.Sometime you have to purposely keep your setting under expose, so when lightning appear in your frame, it will make the exposure just nice but this sorely depends on luck also, sometime the lightning will come out of no where to over expose your shot.

3.Continuously shooting mean let your shutter continue clicking no matter what happen. that is the only way to be "lucky" to get some of it.

4. Prepare to get wet on your lens as most of the time you need to point your lens higher to capture the lightning on the sky, do prepare a lens cleaning cloth to clean your lens when ever is necessary.

5.Brave the Storm. The only way to get the lightning is to go out and shoot during the storm, before you go just prepare some covers to keep your gears dry but also remember safety first, find a safe place for your shooting, don't every use a tree as your cover,  you are not THOR.

I hope I can get more in the following week. Below are some compilation of my lightning photos. Hope you like it.

Interior photography for Sains@USM

Interior photography for Sains@USM campus. "Sciences and Arts Innovation Space” or better known as Sains@USM, is a planned space for an innovation park aimed at providing a platform for a fusion of innovative ideas from multiple and across disciplines.

My assignment is to photographer the interior and exterior facilities of the campus for Sains@USM, this campus is newly renovate with many different kind of rooms for difference purposes such as meeting, training, conference and exhibition.

For a better understanding you may visit their official website at

Penang Second Bridge

In conjunction with the opening of Penang Second Bridge or Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, I'm here to display my all time favorite photos - The making of the second bridge. My partner and I have been photograph this Penang second bridge for almost a year, it was never an easy assignment on a bridge to be honest.  Hazards are found everywhere, we must make sure taking care our own safety during the shoot. The purpose of China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd (CHEC) assign us is because base on the photos we have share in George Town Facebook page They hope we can shoot something extraordinary with the bridge, and not those building progress. So this is what I have created and hope to share with all the nation of Malaysia.

These photos are for display only. Those on display here available for licensing or purchase as print. Please contact me for further enquiries or to discuss your photographic needs if you are interested, you may contact my email or you can purchase it through my website Stocks Gallery


Outbound Love Penang Scene, 单恋双城,槟城拍摄地点

当《单恋双城》开播时,因为没有大牌明星的阵容,而且也只是 小制作的电视剧,所以就钩不起我的兴趣去看。而家里只有我老婆在追看,原因是洪永城主演,她是他的超级粉丝。虽然老婆她一直告诉我很多拍摄的景点都在槟 城,但我一点儿兴趣都没有,反而觉得还是忙我的东西比较好。 至到某几天闲着没事做,就陪老婆看了一、两集,但却让我慢慢的中毒了,这部剧吸引我的地方 其实不是它的主题歌和剧情,而是一幕幕很有亲切感的槟城街道和风景,一点一滴的钩起了我很多的回忆。

我虽然生长在槟城三十多年,但因为家在亚依淡区,平时也很少到市区活动,所以对喬治市这地方不是很熟悉。直到去年承接了喬治市世界遗产的拍摄工作,我开始 放慢脚步穿插在这陌生的地方,开始寻找和摸索一个个具槟城特色的拍摄地点。为了让这拍摄成果更有声有色,我也不断的和喬治市里各行各业的人交谈及进行拍 摄,以确保不错过任何一个角落、任何一个细节。这长达三个月的拍摄过程虽有时不顺利,有时也很累,但它可说是我人生中另一个前所未有的摄影体验。所以看着 这《单恋双城》时,就特别有感触,仿佛一张张拍摄的照片在脑海里盘旋、万般滋味在心头。

看了几遍后,也开始喜欢上它的主题歌和剧情,就把《单恋双城》在槟城所拍摄的每一个地点重新整理,以自己的照片把它们展现出来,好让自己以及同样也在寻找这份浪漫的朋友们不 断回味它的美,共享我们的共同回忆。 希望大家会喜欢。

p/s :所有拍摄地点的照片乃未完整记录在内,有待更新,敬请跟进



I try to show all those scene with my photos on the outbound love drama (单恋双城), but I know I still miss out a lot of them, will keep update on it. If you have any suggestion please do let me know. Here my outbound love tour begin.......

The Macallan Masters of Photography

As part of The Macallan Masters of Photography campaign, Macallan has appointed Elliott Erwitt to take pictures of places, views and sceneries all around Scotland (the birth place of Macallan). Elliott's work will go on a world tour and Malaysian is given the privilege to exhibit his work on the 23rd of January at a media and guest event.

I feel deeply honored to have been invited to join this exhibition by shooting 15 photos of iconic places, things, sceneries around to show the beauty of Penang. I got less than a month to complete the 15 photos, the key of the shooting is all the photos must be taken with a Leica camera. because Leica is the main sponsor of the event, and everybody know Elliott Erwitt is a Leica man. I really hope to bring out the most of the penang and share it to the whole world. It was a fun assignment and I hope you do enjoy the photos