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Before we start let me introduce to you a bit about Penang.  PenangTHE PEARL OF THE ORIENT, is known to the world as a beautiful, exotic holiday destination, she is Pulau Pinang – a virgin paradise that got her name from the abundance of betel nut palms scattered across her soft, sandy beaches. The Island measures a modest 285 sq. km. And is inhabited by slightly over a million people who hail from a diverse mix of cultures and religions.

Penang has always been a popular tourist destination, both domestically and internationally.In 2009, Penang attracted 5.96 million tourists, ranking third in tourist arrivals in Malaysia. Penang is known for its rich heritage, multicultural society and its vibrant culture, its hills, parks, and beaches, shopping, and good food.  Penang enjoys a year-round tropical rainforest climate which is warm and sunny, along with plentiful rainfall, especially during the Southwest Monsoon from April to September. The climate is very much dictated by the surrounding sea and the wind system.

Penang has been ranked by Yahoo! Travel as one of the “10 Islands to Explore Before You Die” and listed in Patricia Schultz’s best-selling “1,000 Places to see before you die” travel book.

Our tours are designed by photographers for photographers. That means that we’re up early and enjoying the best light of the day as the sun rises and sets. This tour is a Custom Tours led by a photographer, local English/Mandarin/Cantonese-speaking photographer. The photo locations have all been checked out before the tour.  The tours are run at a relaxed pace, with time for individual exploration. The itinerary is flexible, and we can adjust the schedule to optimize photo opportunities. Traveling in a small group with like-minded people means that you can relax and totally indulge yourself in your photography.

This tour can be booked at just about any time provided that you have a group of minimum two or more participants. Cost decreases as size of group increases.  This photo tour includes the most beautiful natural and Heritage sights of Penang Island. If you are keen to explore the rural side of Penang and the best places for landscape, seascape, architecture…etc,  you name it we plan it. Your wishes are our commands. You can Contact Me to discuss it further.

Penang Hill



“I am so pleased that I came across Jordan Lye’s website and got in touch to book a photography tour. I had a great time exploring Georgetown with Jordan; he is professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and willing to work with the weather to make the most of your tour. He showed me many sights that were off the regular tourist trail, including some local eateries, a treat for all the senses. The experience was invaluable. I cherish the photos I took and can’t wait to go back to Penang, where I hope to catch up with Jordan again for further photography advice and travel tips.” ~ Penny Hayden

I am a photographer with 30 years experience, when I had a trip to Penang I wanted to make sure I saw the best of this beautiful city, and at the right time of the day with the best lighting. I didn’t want the same old boring tourist shots I wanted something edgy and different. I looked at many websites to find my guide, and it wasn’t hard, Jordan’s work stands shoulders above the rest, and I wasn’t sure if he would have the time to take me out. I was absolutely estatic when he could fit me into his busy schedule at short notice. It was the best 3 days of shooting I have had in years. We were up at dawn for sunrises, crashing through the bush to find waterfalls, and playing with butterflies. Their was the unexpected addition of the best local street cuisine. I can highly recommend Jordan Lye Photography as your tour guide, regardless of your ability. He showed patience and intellect that is rare in the tourist industry. – Vanessa Jones Photography, Australia 

“My friend and I had a wonderful few days in Penang on a photo shoot with Jordan in September 2013
Thank you Jordan for taking us to places we would not have gone to or known about. I am no expert in photography but with your expertise and keen eye for a shot, I am now very excited about learning a whole lot more.
Thanks for you patience and help with everything” ~ Chris Smith, Australia

“Thanks for an amazing photographic adventure” ~ Warrant Marshall, Australia

“Thank you Master Jordan Lye for providing valuable advice and guidance on this workshop. It was great and I’ve learned so much about landscape photography technique; and yet explored many photography opportunities around Penang such as captured this awesome view from one of the location.” ~ Steven Hoe, Australia

“I have surely picked up alot of essential skills during the photography workshop by Jordan Lye. He has not only taught me how to take more proffesional shots through a practical, hands on shoot but also enlightened me on the more technical aspects of photography through his theory lessons. During the workshop, jordan also brought me to explore the many beautiful sights of penang! All in all, it was a great experience and i would surely recommend any novice photographer to attend his workshop!” ~ Jingwei, Singapore

“I was on holiday in Penang and asked Jordan to take me around to photograph Georgetown and other parts of Penang Island. In retrospect, I cannot imagine a better way to have a photowalk in Penang. Jordan is friendly and easy-going. He picked me up in his car before the crack of dawn and dropped me back at night – and the time in between was packed. Jordan is both a professional photographer and a local. This means he will know where to take you and when to be there for the right light. Jordan’s photographic advise comes from his knowing the scene and having taken all the angles in all possible conditions before. You get to see nooks and corners of Georgetown that you won’t find on the tourist map. Jordan will also point out the hidden gems off the map. You also discuss the photography techniques and get to share ideas and try out different tricks. Jordan strikes the right balance between a full agenda and a relaxed going, with no compromise on excellence in photography.” ~ Nassim Abed, Lebanon

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  1. Andrew Fowler

    Prior to embarking on a family holiday to Penang in July 2014 I came across Jordan’s website and arranged a day’s photography with him. Having never been to Penang before I found him to be professional and an excellent guide to some amazing sites around Georgetown and Penang. Jordan took into consideration a minor illness to my young child and he was flexible in spreading the tour over two days. This meant I was able to get the best of both worlds a sunrise and a sunset on the beautiful island of Penang. Highly recommend Jordan to any other photographer of any level of experience and would definitely join him again next time I am over that way.

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