“A beautiful photograph has the power to inspire, move, and evoke powerful emotions.”

Find true beauty in the mundane

“If you want to make some great nature photographs, make it right in your own hometown.”

The nature photography enthusiast, Jordan Lye, has came to his sense when he listened to the above advice from a great photographer during his trip to Iceland.

Since then, he started to travel around his hometown which was given a beautiful name – Pearl of the Orient, for chasing after every single perfect shot of the nature of landscape.

Through his extensive collection of photography, you can see the beauty of Penang including the night sky with stars, meteors and moon at Balik Pulau paddy field, or the first ray of sunlight from Penang Hill, and even the golden hour or blue hour sky above the heritage buildings.

Who is Jordan Lye?

Jordan Lye is a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast with a soft spot for art, native cultures and communication. He has been fascinated by the natural world and started to specialize in photography since the age of 15 through the deep influence by his father. He consumed books, watched many documentaries and roamed countless kilometers to enjoy it.

What is his expertise?

Jordan’s work involves a lot of nature settings, and he often develops ideas for assignments related to travel & landscape photography, business portfolios such as interior or architecture and many more.  His works are published in magazines, books, calendar, and being widely used in advertising, billboards, websites and Fine Art Prints. He won a few awards and travelled to several countries.

Besides working as a landscape and architecture photographer, Jordan has also done countless food photography in Penang – a place being reputed as “food paradise”.

“To become one of the Penang food photographer, I get to meet a lot of great people when photographing different kind of cruise or hawker food.”


Historical Moments Through The Lens Of A Photographer

Appointed by China Harbour Engineering Company (Chec), the main contractor of the second Penang bridge, Jordan has spent a year wholly to capture hundreds of the most artful views of the iconic bridge from 2013 to 2014. His photographs that showcased the building process of the bridge has recorded the important incident and history of the country.

In addition, he has also been involved in the UNESCO George Town World Heritage project depicting more than 100 locations under Penang UNESCO incorporate. Beside being a Nikon user, he also shoot with Leica for "The Macallan Master of Photography & Samsung NX1 for their imagelogger project


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What I Do.

Assignments and Commissions

My work involves a lot of nature settings, I'm available for assignments ranging from or related to travel & landscape photography, Apart from that, I help businesses in showcasing their portfolio, such as creating photographs of their business premise, building, interior or architecture. As everyone's need is unique, contact me for a quote that best suits your requirement.

Workshops & classes

I'm also conducting landscape photography in private or small group. The focus will be on-the-field and hands on learning for each participants.

Penang Photo Tour Service

Penang is where I've grown up. There are a lot of photo opportunities because of the diverse cultures available in the island. If you're a photography enthusiast eager to explore Penang led by a local, I am glad to bring you around. Read more about it Here

Stock Imaging and Licensing

I have an extensive collection of images in addition to those displayed available for licensing. Please contact me for further enquiries.

I can be contacted via:

Email:  jordan.lye@gmail.com

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Awards & Publications

My Ideal Homes Photo Contest 3
Atap magazine cover
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Discovery From the inflight magazines for Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon
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Penang Interior Photographer.jpg
Airasia Indonesia 360 travel magazine.jpg
Interview with Kwong Wah News Paper.jpg
PMC prospectus.jpg
Designer concept magazine.jpg
A-Z Gallery Broucher.jpg
Cover of Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) book.jpg
Solar Eclipse 2016 china press.jpg
QBE insurance 40ft Print.jpg
citibank website.jpg
Citibank penang Giant Print.jpg
citibank celebrating 50 years.jpg
Lonely planet jiuzhaigou nature reserve
Sin Chiew Daily Interview.jpg
USM Campus.jpg
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Father day.jpg
The Star interview.jpg
The Macallan Master of Photography 2014.jpg
Kwang hwa 10 Nov 2013 Interview.jpg
Kwong-Wah-Newspaper Interview.jpg
Nikon International Calendar 2011.jpg
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Chinese-Oriental-Newspaper interview.jpg
Penang butterfly farm photo competition.jpg


An AMAZINGLY TALENTED Professional who shows TENACITY and DEDICATION in his work. ~ Boo Soon Yew 

I engage Jordan over a spend of a year to capture the progress of my Boutique Hotel. Jordan did an excellent Job. He is ever obliging, never Complait. His positive attitude of talk less do more is most appreciated by Savv Boutique Hotel. He help us in capturing the transformation of an Old Office Building to A Boutique Hotel. Thanks Jordan ~ CL Saw