Fascinated by mother nature that surprises daily, Jordan Lye is an avid nature lover who often sacrifices his sleep hours to chase after that perfect shot of the nature of landscape. His interest included the stars, meteor and moon at Balik Pulau paddy field or anticipating for the first ray of sunlight from Penang Hill or the blue hour sky above the heritage buildings.

Started since 1991 under his father's influence, Jordan, an engineer by training and self-taught photographer has gradually found his new love in using the acquainted knowledge from landscape photography, merging them into his travel and architecture photography. As a nature and landscape photographer, his ultimate goal is to capture the true beauty of the nature. 

Jordan photos were widely used in advertising, billboard, website, calendar and Fine art Prints. His recent involvement includes photographing for the Penang Second Bridge showcasing the building process. He was also involved in the UNESCO Georgetown heritage project depicting 100 more locations under Penang UNESCO association. Beside being a Nikon user, he also shoot with Leica for The Macallan Master of Photography and Samsung NX1 for their imagelogger project.




Besides working as a Landscape and architecture photographer I've also done quite a lot of food photography in Penang. Penang has the reputation as being the “food paradise”, by living in the Penang Island, I can’t say no to foods.  From time to time I’ve slowly build up my interest in food and pleasure of photographing some really amazing food. To become one of the Penang food photographer, I get to meet a lot of great people when photographing different kind of cruise or hawker food.

What I Do.

Assignments and Commissions

My work involves a lot of nature settings, I'm available for assignments ranging from or related to travel & landscape photography, Apart from that, I help businesses in showcasing their portfolio, such as creating photographs of their business premise, building, interior or architecture. As everyone's need is unique, contact me for a quote that best suits your requirement.

Workshops & classes

I'm also conducting landscape photography in private or small group. The focus will be on-the-field and hands on learning for each participants.

Penang Photo Tour Service

Penang is where I've grown up. There are a lot of photo opportunities because of the diverse cultures available in the island. If you're a photography enthusiast eager to explore Penang led by a local, I am glad to bring you around. Read more about it Here

Stock Imaging and Licensing

I have an extensive collection of images in addition to those displayed HERE available for licensing. Please contact me for further enquiries.

I can be contacted via:

Email:  jordan.lye@gmail.com

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