Logos Hope in Penang

Logos Hope was purchased in 2004. The ship's gross tonnage is three times that of Logos II, the ship it replaces. The extra space gives visitors the opportunity to choose from a wider range of activities and will allow for more crew members to serve on board. Logos Hopeis OM Ships International's largest ship. After going through a complete renovation to transform her from a ferry into the ship she is today, Logos Hope launched into active service in February 2009.

The ship is operated on behalf of OM Ships International by GBA Ships e.V., a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany.

So happy to get on board again after went to Doulos more than 10 years ago. During the last visit I was too young and never really into photography yet. Since this is a good opportunities to get it the Swettenham Pier. I actually visited this ship more than 3 times to collect some photos as my profile. My son love to get on board on this Logos Hope too.  Hope you like it.