Dolce Dessert stories continue.........

I was given a chance to continue on their dessert shooting, within a year I manage to capture some of their lovely dessert with different kind of styling base on our discussion & ideas. In Food photography styling is the most important part in the whole shooting process, you have to do a lot of research, planing, sourcing for props etc. Because of Dolce dessert, I slowly establish and gain more experience in food photography, and I hope one day I will be one of the Penang food photographer.


Dolce Dessert Cafe

Dolce Dessert Cafe, located on the Kek Chuan Street。 Dolce desserts cafe is a friendly place offering a range of teas, coffees and fruity versions. Its range of cakes is good with many fruit tarts and cakes. There is a large upstairs and outside seating area in a beautiful building, Dolce Dessert cafe also has a unique cartoon rat wall painting on it. The design and colour of the dessert draw my attention to this dessert cafe,.

Being a Penang food photographer,  I need to craft the image to make it looks delicious and irresistible to those who see it. It took me sometime to plan for the shot, although is not perfectly done but I'm happy with the current result. Hope I can have more chances to work with Dolce Dessert Cafe.

Please visit their Facebook for more info.