Milkyway in Penang Island

To photograph milkyway in Penang Island is something new to me, I always admire those who shoot milkyway photos. I'm very curious that why they can get it so easily. I have tried for quite a while until this month I manage get my first milky way shot. Then the scenario like shift totally to my side. There are few things we need to take notes for milkyway shooting 1. You need to locate the milky way. In the month of April is almost like at the tail of Scorpio, I still not sure will it changes it location when in the end of the year, still need time for me to observe.

2. You need to avoid from the light pollution in the city, even sometime you are outside the city, the light pollution can be as strong as in the city. So you need to find a place with minimum light pollution. Make sure the sky is clear from cloud or haze, even a little bit of haze or cloud will capture reflection from the light pollution source and reflect back to you.

3. Avoid the moon. The best time is to shoot during the New moon, but in the other days, milky way still can be visible as long as the moon already set.

The following photos took me a few sleepless nights to get them all together. Hope you like it