Light Painting Part II

After a few attempts of my very first light painting, I'm looking forward for some improvement to make it nicer with ambient light and better composition. Sometime I'm think of shooting alone but going out alone in such a remote place I know is a bad idea. In photography safety always come first, photo come second. This mean I must always wait for my friends availability for the next outing in some new location. The main challenge is to find a place which is "ideal" enough for the shot, because you need to open your shutter for a while to capture the light. After try some error, I slowly can control some of the movement of steel wool and the LED lights. I notice location is the key to make the photos interesting, and a bit of moon light illumination will be great. I will survey out some locations when I got the time for my next light painting shot.

My advice for those who like to try with steel wool photography, make sure you cover your body well to prevent any accident that might happen or may surprise you, especially your eyes and hair. Investing in a safety sunglasses and hat won't burn a hole in your pocket. We just want to have fun in light painting and not to be a hero, better safe than sorry.