The Macallan Masters of Photography

As part of The Macallan Masters of Photography campaign, Macallan has appointed Elliott Erwitt to take pictures of places, views and sceneries all around Scotland (the birth place of Macallan). Elliott's work will go on a world tour and Malaysian is given the privilege to exhibit his work on the 23rd of January at a media and guest event.

I feel deeply honored to have been invited to join this exhibition by shooting 15 photos of iconic places, things, sceneries around to show the beauty of Penang. I got less than a month to complete the 15 photos, the key of the shooting is all the photos must be taken with a Leica camera. because Leica is the main sponsor of the event, and everybody know Elliott Erwitt is a Leica man. I really hope to bring out the most of the penang and share it to the whole world. It was a fun assignment and I hope you do enjoy the photos